NTL is the first Italian cooperative with the specific purpose of providing translations for the publishing industry. It was founded in 2000 by a group of students at the European School of Literary Translation and brings together 22 professional translators of different nationalities.

We work primarily in publishing and communication, but over time we have also grown to include science and technology, selecting new associates and a team of experienced and reliable collaborators.

Our work is based on expertise, experience, and the ability to work in teams in order to tackle complex projects.

Today NTL works in the field of translation with editors, government and private agencies, and companies.

It provides specialized editorial services aimed at publishing houses and companies.

It organizes courses for aspiring translators in translation for the literary and publishing world, and collaborates with Italian and foreign universities, offering students the opportunity to participate in training and orientation courses.


Barbara Baroni

Ilaria Belliti

Erdmuthe Brand

Betsy Burke

Jeremy Carden

Maria Valeria Caredda

Patrick Creagh

Bettina Gronenberg

Raquel Llopis Sanchis

Sacha Lomnitz

Monica Pesetti

Marina Pugliano - Presidente

Julia Rader

Silvia Savojni

Valentina Tortelli