We are a group of editorial translators, all professionals and native speakers, and we have been working together since 2000. We founded our editorial and literary translation cooperative at the end of a highly qualifying training program, the Florentine edition of the Literary Translation School founded by Magda Olivetti.

Since then, we have enriched our group by adding new members who share our professional project and many valuable collaborators working together in the most varied languages and fields of specialization.

We translate into all European languages and the prominent languages of the world and we mainly focus on literature, non-fiction, art, scientific publications, cultural communication, and advertising. We work in both paper-based and multimedia publishing and also with all those working in cultural communications.

In addition to translation, we offer a wide range of editorial services: creative translation (transcreation), revision, editing, and proofreading.
We are a versatile, close-knit group with a strong experience in languages, capable of learning new styles of language and adapting to customer standards. Being accustomed to working in a team environment allows us to tackle complex projects, guaranteeing fast delivery times and a text delivered with artisanal care.