There are many editorial needs linked to the art world and generally intended for various publishing media: from an exhibition catalogue, which can contain high-level critical and philosophical texts, to educational panels, reviews, press releases, audio guides, apps for the visit, etc.
Art has its own technical terminology, and for this reason the translation of an exhibition catalogue, museum poster or audio guide requires knowledge of the subject matter and the specialized language, as well as excellent writing skills, the foundation for every translation.
Translating texts on art requires a good knowledge of the topics covered and the specialized language of the sector and the different historical periods of reference.
NTL - The New Literary Translator has documented and well-established experience in art publishing translations. For over fifteen years we have been providing our professional translation services to some of the leading art publishers in Italy, from museums to public companies and private galleries.
We translate catalogues, critical essays, press releases, audio guides, and educational panels, and we translate from and into Italian and all the major world languages.