Posted 07-06-2018

A travel guide to Contemporary Architecture in the Italian Landscape

Edited by Luca Molinari
Forma Edizioni, Firenze 2018

English translation by Elizabeth Burke and Johanna Kreiner for NTL

The Italian landscape one of the most sophisticated, stratified and complex creations in the history of man, is an extraordinary machine of unparalleled technical, cultural and aesthetic quality. It is also very fragile on a broad scale due to growing demographic and economic pressure.
While architecture clearly established a respectful otherness in regard to the nature surrounding it, the silent labour of colonizing the land gradually defined the unstable image of our landscape and with that, the image of its peoples over the centuries. It has been an intense effort lasting for more than 3,000 years, and greatly constricted by the geography of the Italian land, squeezed into areas along its coasts by the ancient central mountain range of the Apennines, the archaic and enduring heart of our country, which comes to an end in front of the Po Valley and the Alps.