On March 27, 2012, the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Commissioner of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany for Culture and Mass Media, and the Italian Ministry for Arts and Culture, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, will confer the Italo-German literary translation Award, this year in its fifth edition.

The jury is composed of Magda Olivetti (President), Andrea Casalegno (journalist), Hermann Dorowin (Germanist), Camilla Miglio (Germanist), Ugo Perone (philosopher), Cesare De Marchi (writer) and Maike Albath (President of the German Jury). After examination of the works and subsequent discussions, the final session of February 18, 2012 has decided to award the prize for the best translation to Marina Pugliano and Julia Rader for Un Viaggio (A journey) by H.G. Adler (Fazi Editore), and the Debut Prize to Giusi Drago for È morto Tito (Tito is Dead) by Marica Bodrožić (Zandonai Editore).

The awards will be presented by the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Italy and in San Marino Michael Gerdts and the Italian Minister for Arts and Culture Lorenzo Ornaghi.
Also participating in the ceremony will be the President of il Centro per il Libro e la Lettura (Centre to promote books and reading) Gian Arturo Ferrari, and the Director of the Goethe-Institut in Italy, Susanne Höhn.
The proceedings are headed by Magda Olivetti and Herrmann Dorowin, a talk will be given by Piero Dorfles and the translated excerpts from the works by the winners will be read by actress Cloris Brosca.
Musical accompaniment for the evening: Sonic.art – Saxophone Quartet.

Marina Pugliano
Born in Salerno in 1963, Ms. Pugliano lives in Florence, where she graduated in German studies. Since 2000 she has been president of the cooperative of translation for the world of publishing, NTL. She has translated for E/O, Fazi, Giunti, Taschen, Zanichelli, Silvana, and LEF. In 2006, she received the Ladislaus Mittner Award from the DAAD. With colleague Andreas Loehrer, she organizes a workshop for professional translators working from and into German sponsored by the ViceVersa Program with the support of Pro Helvetia and the Translation House Looren (CH).

Julia Rader
Born in 1964 in Haiger, Germany, Ms. Rader studied in Vienna, Dusseldorf and Florence, where she has lived for many years. In 2000, she co-founded the cooperative of translation for the world of publishing, NTL, and has since worked as a translator for various German and Italian publishing houses.

Award ceremony and concert
Tuesday, March 27, 2012 – 6:00 p.m.
Auditorium of Villa Farnesina –
Via della Lungara 230, Rome
Free entrance
Info: Tel +39 06 8440051